InterGlobe Technology Quotient
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Galileo e-Tracker
This web-based solution that enables travel agents to record and check all electronic tickets that the agency has issued on the Travelport Galileo System. In addition to that, the tool's powerful search function allows agents to produce detailed reports which can be downloaded into applications such as Microsoft Excel for manipulation. Galileo eTracker is available in 7 languages: Czech, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.
  • Features
    • Enables agents to view the current status of tickets, produce reports on their status for manipulation and analysis
    • Extensive search capability
    • Easy-to-use browser-based solution
    • Large reports of over 1000 coupons can be downloaded into Microsoft Excel for advanced data manipulation and reporting
    • Obtain real-time status of an individual coupon with a single mouse click
    • Accessible directly from the Viewpoint toolbar once configured thus saving further time
  • Benefit
    • By producing a report, viewing the status of e-tickets and taking the appropriate action, agents can save their customers money
    • No additional software required
    • No engineer site visit required to set up access
    • Reports can be downloaded into other applications for further manipulation enabling agents to analyse the reports further
    • Easy to use - no formal training required
    • Available in 7 languages
    • Available in all International Markets that issue E-Tickets