InterGlobe Technology Quotient
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XML Desktop
Application Programmable Interface that communicates with the Apollo® and Travelport Galileo® Global Distribution Systems (GDS) through proprietary structured data format and offers access to transactions via existing connections in place to the Travelport Galileo Desktop.
    • Uses industry-standard scripting languages rather than a proprietary language.
    • Uses industry-standard technology to send and receive XML transactions.
    • Compatible with all Microsoft environments.
    • No need for additional dedicated connections - connects via your existing Focalpoint or Viewpoint circuits.
    • Flexible and totally customizable.
  • Benefits of XML Desktop

    To integrate disparate data to my desktop
    • Build applications that customize Viewpoint or Focalpoint, and improve business processes by allowing agents to focus on customer service.
    • With XML Desktop there is no need to spend cash on expensive dedicated circuits